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Supporting Others

Managers Consultation and Support Slots

The consultation slots are designed for managers who want advice on how to support a particular member of their team who is struggling with their wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Provides an overview of the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, followed by numerous discussions about the stigma of mental health

Management Booths

Are you a manager experiencing stress, fatigue, burnout? Are you good at looking out for your staff and forgetting about your own wellbeing?

Wellbeing Team intervention or bespoke training

Interventions with teams who are struggling with relationships, problems, issues.

How am I? How are you?

Is a 4-8 hour facilitated learning space offering ideas/concepts to teams to learn how to support each other at work.

Mental Health First Aid training

Covers a number of mental health topics, including anxiety, depression, psychosis and substance use. Online learning will teach the basics of each topic prior to two interactive webinars

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