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Meet The Team

Clare – Strategic Lead for Employee Wellbeing and Experience

“Hi, I’m Clare. As Strategic Lead for Employee Wellbeing and Experience it is my job to promote positive emotional health amongst staff, to ensure there is support available to staff when they need it and to make CTM a great place to work. I’m a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Psychotherapist and use my nearly 30 years’ experience of working in both NHS and private healthcare settings, to inform everything I do. Positive work experiences are good for our emotional wellbeing, bad experiences are not. I am passionate about tackling those issues that challenge our emotional wellbeing to ensure work can be a place where we feel we belong, make a real difference and are valued and respected.”

Emma - Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist

“Hi, I’m Em, a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist with the Wellbeing team. My role includes supporting staff to understand and look after their wellbeing to prevent emotional or physical distress, offering support when something traumatic has happened at work, and ensuring that staff know how to get support if they’re struggling. I offer consultation with managers, team leaders and executives to consider how we make CTM the best place to work it can be. I’m a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and I’ve been passionate about promoting and protecting the wellbeing of staff since I started working in healthcare in 2009. To look after my own wellbeing I like to go on outdoor adventures, dance like no-one’s watching and enjoy good food with friends.”

Nikki - Wellbeing Development Practitioner

“Hello, I’m Nikki and I work with the wellbeing team as a Wellbeing Development Practitioner. Part of my role is to engage and grow a network of Employee Wellbeing Activists, employees who support wellbeing activity in their workplace, this is a growing community. I also facilitate compassion-based mindfulness courses and sessions, these tools and techniques I also use every day to live a mindful life. Nature, walking and being at the beach help support my wellbeing.”

Kim – Wellbeing Counsellor

“Hi, I’m Kim – Wellbeing Counsellor. I am a Systemically trained therapist, which means when I meet with an individual, I am aware that I am meeting with multiple individuals, as I believe we are informed by everything and everyone around us. I am interested in how we relate to one another and how we create meaning within the varying contexts in which we live. I apply this approach to my clinical work within CTM, where I offer a range of therapeutic interventions to individuals and/or groups. Wellbeing is vital in order to maintain good mental health, and to keep myself grounded and well I get involved in local campaigns, connect to the world around me, get my 10,000 steps in, hug my children, play my piano or go to the pub with my mates.”

Bethan - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

“Hi there! I’m Bethan and I’m one of the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners at the Wellbeing Service. I co-deliver Mental Health First Aid training, Mental Health Awareness training for Managers, and various psychoeducation courses including Anxiety Management and Stress, Burnout & Trauma. When I’m not in work, you can usually find me in the gym or playing my saxophone.”

Laura - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

“Hi, I’m Laura, a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner within the Wellbeing Service. I have worked for many years in Mental Health services, from Primary Care to Acute Admissions, but one thing that remained consistent throughout was my passion to support my colleagues, so here I am in the wellbeing service! Alongside supporting one off wellbeing initiatives, my main role is to organise and co-deliver Mental Health First Aid Training, Mental Health Awareness for Managers and respond to the needs of staff by creating and delivering psychoeducation courses across the health board. To support my own wellbeing, I start the day with a 5k walk accompanied by my one-year-old springer spaniel, come rain or shine!”

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