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Vulnerable Neighbours and Relatives

It's really important to check on older neighbours and relatives, and those with heart or breathing (respiratory) problems during Winter. When checking in on them, you should make sure:

  • They have plenty to eat and drink
  • They have safe, hard bottom slippers to prevent falls
  • Their home is warm but well ventilated
  • They have plenty of any regular medication
  • They have a well-stocked medicine cabinet
  • Any minor illnesses are treated at an early stage by a local Pharmacist or GP
  • Any symptoms of Coronavirus are caught early, and call 111 if they are struggling to manage their symptoms
Stay at Home If You're Unwell

When you are unwell, it's important to avoid contact with vulnerable individuals while you have symptoms. Please don't visit any of our hospital sites while suffering with symptoms, or if you are suffering with sickness and diarrhoea, please do not visit our hospitals, return to work or school until you are 48 hours clear of symptoms. 

If you need medical attention, please call ahead to your GP or Pharmacy to advise of your symptoms, or you can check your symptoms using the NHS 111 Wales Symptom Checker.

If you think you have flu and are pregnant or have a long term health condition or are aged 65 or over, or if it is your child that is unwell, call your GP surgery and advise them of your symptoms as soon as possible as there is an increased risk of complications and they may prescribe antiviral medicines to help. You should also seek medical advice if your symptoms are getting worse or haven’t begun to improve after a week.

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