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Taking Care of Your Mental Wellbeing

Taking care of our own Mental Well-being, and that of our loved ones, is even more important during the Winter months.

Keep to a routine

It can be tempting to spend all day in your pyjamas, but having a regular routine is important for your own sense of worth and self-confidence.

Try to keep to your usual sleep routine, get a good amount of sleep so that you wake feeling refreshed, and try to start your day at the same time. 

Stay active

Many people find it hard to stay motivated during the winter months, but regular exercise can boost your mood and release endorphins that improve how you feel. Advice on staying active

Keep in contact

It’s so important to maintain contact with your loved ones, as evidence shows that connecting with others is important for mental well-being. Check in with family and friends and make time to chat about how you’re feeling, or take part in a fun activity together, such as a virtual quiz. The sense of connection will really improve how you feel. 

Make the most of natural light

Natural light plays a large part in our emotional and mental well-being. As we go through the dark winter nights, try to embrace the daylight as much as you can – throw open your curtains and maximise the light in your living space. Some people also find that light boxes can help improve their mood. 

Do something you enjoy

Having time and space for you is important for your mental well-being and resilience. Make time to do something you enjoy, whether that’s listening to a podcast, taking a long soak in the bath or reading a book. 

Take time for self-care

Mindfulness is a great tool to help you learn to be kinder to yourself and to be more accepting of how things are. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help reduce tension and stress.

Eat well

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health and can help you feel your best, both physically and mentally. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, staying hydrated, getting your 5-a-day and making sure you don’t skip breakfast. Advice on eating well

Try something new

Learning a new craft or skill can boost your self-confidence and give you a real sense of achievement. Try taking on some learning this winter such as painting, drawing, cooking a new recipe, or you could enrol onto an online training course. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you will enjoy and can fit in and around your daily routine.

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