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How to change your autumn booster appointment

Advice on what to do if you have received your autumn booster appointment letter and want to change it.

We have sent out thousands of appointment letters to try and give as much notice as possible for the upcoming autumn booster programme.

Since then we have received an unprecedented number of calls from people wanting to change their appointment date and time, and we are trying to deal with those requests as quickly and efficiently as we can. 

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of calls means you are likely to wait a long time before you can get through to our team as it stands currently.  On Monday, August 22, four thousand people tried to call in two hours and our systems could not cope with that.

A few things which may help:

  • We know everyone leads busy lives, but please just pause to consider whether you need to change your appointment date or time?  It would really help us if you can prioritise and stick to the appointment sent to you.
  • We realise that is not always possible and you may have an unavoidable clash.  If so please keep trying our booking line or alternatively you can fill in the online appointment request form here:  
  • Our lines can take 40 calls at one time.  If there are already 40 calls in the system the line will appear as if it is dead.  Apologies for this, it is how the system works.  The line is working but is full to capacity, so please try again later.
  • Please do not call our community vaccination services direct.  Other services operate out of those buildings and their teams will not be able to help you.  Only our booking team can change your appointment.

We really appreciate your support, understanding and patience.

We believe this demand is due to the large number of appointments we sent out in one go at the start of the programme.  We did that to make sure as many people got as much advance notice of their appointment as possible.  As the programme starts, eligible people will be invited in smaller numbers and so we anticipate it will be easier to get through to our booking teams.  Again, thank you for your patience in this matter, and we look forward to seeing you.