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COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

You can walk into any of our Vaccination Centres, please walk to the front of the queue, make yourself known to staff and you will be fast tracked as a priority.

If you prefer to make an appointment, use our online booking form here.

Our walk-in clinics are now open for anyone who wants their first dose, second, third or Booster dose. 

First doses:

  • Anyone aged 12 years and over

Second Doses:

  • 18 years and over , 8 weeks after their 1st dose, but also need to be 28 days after a COVID 19 infection.
  • 12-17 years old who are in a clinical risk group, severely immunosuppressed or living with someone who is immunosuppressed, 8 weeks after their 1st dose, but also need to be 28 days after a COVID 19 infection.
  • 12-17 years old without any risk factors, 12 weeks after their 1st dose, but also need to be 12 weeks after a COVID 19 infection

Third Doses

  • 12 years and over who are severely immunosuppressed, will receive a third primary dose, 8 weeks after their 1st dose, but also need to be 28 days after a COVID 19 infection


  • 18 years and over , 13 weeks after their 2nd dose, but also need to be 28 days after a COVID 19 infection.
  • 12-17 years old who are in a clinical risk group, severely immunosuppressed or living with someone who is immunosuppressed, 13 weeks after their 2nd dose, but also need to be 28 days after a COVID 19 infection.
  • 16-17 years old without any risk factors, 13 weeks after their 2nd dose, but also need to be 12 weeks after a COVID 19 infection

We are not accepting walk-ins for anyone under 12 years of age.


There is more information on our walk-in clinics, opening days and times in our weekly vaccination update which is published online here:  Weekly vaccination update - Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board (

You will be eligible for your booster vaccination if it’s been 13 weeks or more since your second dose, (or third if you are immunosuppressed):

We now offer booster for the following groups of people:

  • 16 years and over
  • 12-15 years if you are in a clinical risk group
  • 12-15 years if you are a household contact of someone who is immunosuppressed
  • 12-15 years if you are severely immunocompromised and you have had a third primary dose.


The booster will be offered to you at least 13 weeks after your second dose.

You are not due your booster the day the 13 weeks is up and you are not overdue your booster at that time.

We cannot offer anyone a booster earlier than 13 weeks since you had your second dose.

The booster dose should help to extend your protection into the next year.

We have sent letters, texts or called all those eligible for their booster.  If you have missed an appointment you can now walk in to any of our community vaccination centres.

If you think we have missed you out, or are returning from abroad, university or have just moved to Wales, you can also just walk in as well.

If you would prefer an appointment rather than walking in, please use our online booking form here.


Please note there is further guidance on the website on the guidance of the time period you need to wait if you have had a COVID 19 infection.

Check out if you are eligible here: January vaccine walk-ins - Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board (



Here at Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB you will be offered either a booster dose of Pfizer vaccine or Moderna vaccine.

You will be offered the right vaccine for you which may be the same or different from the vaccines that you had before.

Due to the knowledge we have gathered during this programme, many people who were initially declined the Pfizer vaccine are now perfectly fine to have it.  However, this will need to be assessed by a clinician in one of our community vaccination centres.  If this applies to you, please keep your appointment, and raise this when you arrive at the CVC so that you can be assessed by our trained teams.

You do not get to choose between the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine.

As with your previous dose, common side effects are the same for all COVID-19 vaccines used in the UK, and include:

  • having a painful, heavy feeling and tenderness in the arm where you had your injection for several days after the vaccine
  • feeling tired
  • headache
  • general aches, or mild flu like symptoms

A mild fever may occur for two to three days but a high temperature is unusual and may indicate you have COVID-19 or another infection.

You can take the normal dose of paracetamol (follow the advice in the packaging) and rest to help you feel better. Do not exceed the normal dose.

These symptoms normally last less than a week.

If your symptoms seem to get worse or if you are concerned, call NHS 111 Wales on 111 or your GP surgery.

Calls to NHS 111 Wales are free from landlines and mobiles.

Serious side effects Worldwide.

There have also been recent, very rare cases of inflammation of the heart called myocarditis or pericarditis reported after Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

These cases have been seen mostly in younger men within several days after vaccination.

Most of these people recovered and felt better following rest and simple treatments.

You should seek medical advice urgently if, after vaccination, you experience:

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • feelings of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart

There are very few people who should not have a booster.

If you had a severe reaction after any previous dose you may be advised to avoid or delay further vaccination.

You should discuss this with your doctor or specialist. You can report any side effects online at: Official MHRA side effect and adverse incident reporting site for coronavirus treatments and vaccines | Coronavirus (COVID-19)or via the Yellow Card app.

Further information and patient leaflets can be found at: Immunisation and Vaccines - Public Health Wales (

If you had a positive PCR test, and are over the age of 18, you are not able to have your booster until 28 days after infection (the positive result).

This means due to the speed of the accelerated programme, you will not now be able to have your booster by the end of this month.  There is no need to try and cancel your appointment with us, we will contact you again in the New Year.  

If you are under 18, while you are not eligible for a booster currently, you must wait 12 weeks after infection (a positive PCR test) from when you can have your first or second dose. 

Realistically, such will be the sheer number of people coming for their booster appointments, there may be some queues at our CVCs.

We assure you, we will be doing our very best to manage those queues at all times and to minimise your wait.

Please check the weather ahead of your appointment, you may need to dress for colder weather in case there are some queues outside.

Please speak to one of our team if you need any extra support or assistance, please do not suffer in silence.

No.  The regulations have changed around the 15 minute wait. 

If you have a history of allergies, particularly to other vaccines, or if you had an immediate reaction after your previous doses, you will be advised to stay for the 15 minutes. Please make sure you tell the vaccine centre. Please also tell them if you have previously fainted following vaccination. (A family history of allergies (or even anaphylaxis) is not a risk factor).

If you are over 16 and have not received Spikevax® (Moderna) or Comirnaty® (Pfizer-BioNTech) before you will be asked to stay for 5 minutes after your vaccination.

Those under 16s, and adults with learning disabilities and reduced capacity may be asked to wait for 15 minutes after vaccination.

Otherwise, you will be able to leave the centre straight after your vaccine as long as you feel ok.

You must not drive for 15 minutes after the vaccine – this is because of the risk of fainting.


If you were called for a third primary dose as one of our severely immunosuppressed patients, you will be sent an appointment for your booster 13 weeks after your third primary dose.

If 13 weeks has passed and you have not yet had your booster please request an appointment using our online form here.



It’s never too late to get your COVID-19 vaccine – even if you have previously opted out when it was first offered to you.

We are now offering walk ins at our community vaccination centres to:

  • 1st dose – anyone 12 years and over
  • 2nd dose – anyone 12years and over (see website on intervals after 1st dose)
  • 3rd dose – those 12+ who are severely immunosuppressed (see website)

If you would prefer an appointment, you can use our booking line here and someone will send you an appointment.



All of our GP practices took part, and played a huge role in the original COVID-19 vaccine programme.  Between them, they delivered around 235,000 first and second doses to people living in our communities.

Ahead of the winter, and the pressure GPs will be facing, and that they will be administering the flu vaccine, in a joint decision with our GPs, it was decided they would not take part in the COVID-19 booster programme.

Due to the acceleration of the booster programme, we are now working with a small number of GPs to help us deliver this ambitious target.   

Please do not contact your GP about your booster appointment.

We have three community vaccination centres in Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB

They are:

  • Llantrisant CVC (Llantrisant Leisure Centre, CF72 8DJ)
  • Bridgend CVC (Ravens Court, CF31 4AP)
  • Merthyr Tydfil CVC (Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre, CF48 1UT)

We carefully selected the location of our CVCs to try and make them as accessible as possible to the widest population. They are all easy to access, have parking and are on public transport routes.

If, however, there is no way you can access transport to get to one of our CVCs, we may be able to help. Please call the booking team (their number is on your appointment letter). The team there will check your eligibility to access our vaxi-taxi service.

We are not offering the flu vaccination with the COVID-19 booster.

We would encourage you, if eligible, to get your flu jab. This year it is more important than ever to be protected against flu.

Please get your flu vaccine from your usual source be it your GP or community pharmacy for example.

There is no time gap needed between flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Our vaccination advice line is made up of a dedicated team who will try and advise you on our booster programme if your question is not answered here.

They cannot book or cancel or rearrange appointments.

We ask while demand is so high, you double check your question is not answered above before calling them.

It is open seven days a week, 9:00am to 4:30pm.

The number is 01685 726464.

Public Health Wales has dedicated a whole section of its websites to vaccines including frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines and eligibility.

Click here: COVID-19 vaccination information - Public Health Wales (

You will also find accessible information including easy read, British sign language, large print and translations for languages (other than English and Welsh).