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Integrated Governance Committee

The purpose of the Integrated Governance Committee is to scrutinise evidence and information brought before it in relation to activities and potential risks which impact on the services provided, and provide assurance to the Board that effective governance and scrutiny arrangements are in place across the Local Health Board.

The Committee will, in respect of its provision of advice to the Board, ensure that it:

  • Maintains an oversight of the work of the Board Committees, ensuring integration of the governance work, addressing issues which fall outside or between the work of the Board’s committees, minimising duplication and coordinating issues which need the attention of more than one of the Board’s committees.
  • Ensures that appropriate mechanisms are in place to manage risk issues; identifying and reviewing the top risks and ensuring that plans are in place to manage those risks.
  • Oversees the Board’s major policy objectives and identifies issues which need Board action or involvement, and scrutinising the delivery and performance in those areas.

Committee Chair:



All Board Members and Lead Directors


Kathrine Davies can be contacted via or 01443 744800.

The full role of the Committee is detailed in the Terms of Reference.